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You may use any of my patterns for personal or commercial use, except for the sports items.
If using the pattern for commercial use, please make an extra item to donate to charity.

Check out the all the charts:
New England Patriots New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers Believers Chapel Born to Knit Oakland RaidersKnitted Small AlphabetNY MetsDallas Cowboys logo Boston Strong Boston Red Sox New York Yankees New York script Baltimore Orioles Philadelphia Phillies Alabama (the Crimson Tide) Boston Bruins Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Carolina Panthers Otto the Orange Syracuse
—updated August 25, 2018

This approximately 4" x 4" coaster is made with scraps. Bulky or chunky yarn is the main color and all of the rest are scraps, Use any weight less than chunky.

—added July 25, 2021


This beaded cover is used to keep flying insects out of your drink when outdoors. So easy to make after the first one that you might just get addicted to knitting these.

—added July 24, 2021


These teddy bears were knitted with King Cole Drifter in worsted, DK, and fingering weight yarns. They make a nice little family.

—added July 3, 2021


A small heart approximately 4" x 4".

—added October 13, 2020


My grand-nephew (in law) wanted a Bruins blanket for his new son. Actually, I think he really wanted his name on this, and not the child's.

—added July 27, 2020


I have friends who really enjoy board games. I had never heard of this game before, but this was the request: a design based on “Settlers of Catan.” The adorable child sitting on the afghan is Juniper herself.

—added April 18, 2020


It seems it is never to early to knit for Christmas. This pattern includes directions for a basic tree, a seed-stitch tree, a reverse stockinette-stitch tree, and a tree covered with snow. Use beads or sequins to embellish the trees.

—added January 24, 2020


This classic dickey (3 patterns depending on the yarn weight) is based on Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Dickey von Beethoven" which is in her book Knitting Around. She was a knitting genius but her patterns were pithy, to put it mildly. I created this pattern for my beginner knitting friends who wanted to stretch their knitting a bit further.

Fingering             DK            Worsted

—added October 12, 2019


Almost American as apple pie, most of us love pizza. This slice includes pepperoni, green peppers, onion and mushrooms. The crust is actually an i-cord bind-off so there is minimal seaming.
—added October 2, 2019

Wiggles the Caterpillar

I saw a cute caterpillar pattern online. The segments were knitted flat then seamed and each segment had to be sewn together. So here is my version of a completely seamless toy. The NOPL librarians named it "Wiggles" and will NOT let the children play with it!
—added April 4, 2019

Cabled Pumpkin

Another pumpkin for NOPL North Syracuse. This is a favorite of the librarians.
—added February 2, 2019

Jungle Afghan

The child's mother asked for a jungle theme. This is the result.
—added January 20, 2019

Grand Slam Breakfast

Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast is a favorite so I did my best to replicate it.
—added September 20, 2018

Fast Food Lunch
Fast Food Lunch

This fast food lunch is comprised of 4 patterns. Try them all!
Bacon Cheeseburger with lettuce, onions and tomatoes
French Fries with ketchup, holder and napkin
Soda Cup with soda and ice
—added August 25, 2018

Candy Corn

Candy Corn, a Halloween treat! Knit a bowl full of candy just for fun!
—revised September 7, 2018

Tape Measure Cover

Quick and easy, these covers are knit to dress up a standard 2" in diameter tape measure.
—added August 10, 2018


This pattern is open-ended. Use any yarn and the appropriate needle size. Materials and gauge of the samples are given.
—revised September 30, 2019

Flat Easter Egg

This Easter Egg will indeed lie flat. The NOPL Knitters decorated a tree with these at Easter time.
—added July 4, 2018

Flags of the United States

This pattern has a chart for each of the official United States flags beginning with the first flag adopted in December 1775.
—added June 7, 2018

Mini Flag of the United States

This mini flag can be used as a broach. Just add a pin to the back. The NOPL Knitters - North Syracuse knitted over 2 dozen of these and hung them from a little tree at the local library—a great idea to celebrate Flag Day and Independence Day.
—added June 7, 2018

Mini Flag Tree

Flowers and Birds Afghan

Designed for another family member. The directions include how to graph a different name!
—added February 14, 2018

Tom and Gisele

These teddies use the same pattern. Only the outfit distinguishes the boy from the girl. I knitted these for great-grandchildren who are cousins.
—revised December 31, 2019

Tea Light Cozy

Quick to knit, a tea light with a little skirt is a nice, small gift to give.
—added February 3, 2018

Rich's Golf Club Covers

My brother-in-law requested that I knit him golf club covers. Here is the result.
—added September 5, 2017

Baby Pinwheel Afghan

This pinwheel afghan is very easy to knit in the round.
—added April 16, 2017

Sugar Packet Holder

This seed stitch holder is small (about 2-1/2" x 2-1/4") to hold a couple of packets of sugar substitute or tea bags.
—added January 25, 2017

Wristlet Doodad Holder

A fun item to knit. Hold pins and needles on your wrist as you work on your knitting so that you are not always reaching for them and/or losing them.
—revised September 20, 2018

Simple Set-In Sleeve Sweater

This very, very comfortable simple tee was knitted with Lano Gato's Feeling. It uses only one size needle and is constructed from the top down. As a bonus, the sleeves are knitted in so there is no seaming!
—new pattern added June 19, 2016

Camden's Enchanted Castle

Occasionally, I modify a pattern significantly. I do not claim ownership of the pattern and no non-free patterns are included on this page—just my modications.
—new pattern added August 2, 2018

Avatar Airbender Small Afghan

I designed this as a gift for a new baby. The theme was suggested by his father.
—added April 23, 2016

Aran Toilet Roll Covers
sue marie
Sue Marie
kathleen nancy
Kathleen Nancy

These toilet roll covers were designed and knitted for the friends with whom I play cards once a month. These were Christmas presents.
—added December 20, 2015


I knitted these socks to keep my feet warm in bed on those cold Central New York nights. Knit them an inch or two longer to wear with boots.
—revised March 16, 2021

Baby Mystery Woven Blanket

This blanket is based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Mystery Blanket from Knitter’s Almanac. Each square is knitted from the center out and the edge stitches left live to be woven later.
—added November 17, 2015

Men's Cable Socks

Designed and knitted for my friend, Gary.
—revised March 10, 2018

Big Al

A Crimson Tide fan asked me to knit Big Al for him. Here is my interpretation of the University of Alabama’s mascot.
—revised December 19, 2018

Mini Gift Card Stocking

Two sizes of this little mini gift card stocking.
—added February 6, 2015

Not-So-Traditional Aran Sweater

This sweater is knit from the neck down. The neckband is added at the end.
—added August 3, 2014

Striped Christmas Stocking

I created this pattern for my friend, Lee.
—added August 3, 2014

Deborah's Aran Sweater

I designed this sweater as part of TKGA's Master Knitter, Level 3 course.
—added July 6, 2014

No-Seams Little Teddy

This is the little brother/sister to the No-Seams Teddy completed in DK weight yarn.
—revised July 27, 2020

Cats Paw

These are not directions for knitting an entire sock. These are designs only. Included, though, are directions about how to use these designs using your favorite architecture. Take a look and give it a try. Soon you will be creating your own unique socks.
—new pattern added November 18, 2015

Gift Ornament

This ornament covers a plastic globe that snaps apart. Put a small gift in the globe inside. This is a nice way to hide a small gift from the unsuspecting.
—added December 8, 2013

Striped Cable Scarf

This striped cable scarf was requested by my husband, a Syracuse University football fan. It is in the school's colors. Personalize this with your team colors!
—added December 8, 2013

Knitted Birthday Postcard

A knitted birthday greeting that you can send for less than $1. This postcard made it to Georgia from New York in perfect condition. Alphabet chart included.
—added March 17, 2013

Watch Cap Hat

A simple hat.
—added January 18, 2013

Fair Isle Hat

This pattern was written as part of TKGA’s Master Knitter program.
—added December 29, 2012

Red Sox Baby Afghan

This pattern is based on the Boston Red Sox afghan pattern. It includes the entire afghan on chart as part of the pdf file.
—added December 9, 2012

Arizona Sunset

My first bead knitted pattern (from 2009), I made Arizona Sunset for my friend, Gail, who lives in Arizona. The beads used as embellishment came from an old necklace I purchased at a flea market in Old Forge.
—added November 30, 2012

Vintage Santa Stocking


This pattern is based on a santa stocking, circa 1980. The original manufacturer of the kit is unknown, though I have been advisd that this is a Columbia Minerva pattern from the 1950s.
—added November 28, 2012

No-Seams Teddy (Revised) No-Seams Teddy Bear No-Seams Teddy Bear with Skirt No-Seams Teddy Bear with Paunch




This teddy bear has no seams. The skirt is removable. Choose a different color and make one for a little boy.

This pattern has been entirely rewritten and includes instructions for making a teddy with a slight paunch. My apologies to anyone who tried to use the first pattern.

—revised September 19, 2017

Knitted Signs

Knitted Sign

This is one of several signs I knitted for NOPL—Cicero. The pattern is open-ended and includes the entire alphabet and numbers.
—added August 8, 2011

Mini Red Sox Sock
Mini Red Sox Sock

Show that you are a fan of the Boston Red sox with this little sock (only 2-1/2" high). Use it as a key chain or an adornament on a sock knitting bag. Use even smaller needles and make a pair of funky earrings.
—added April 9, 2012

Knitted Duck Applique
Duck Applique

John had the idea to put a duck on the pouch of the Wonderful Wallaby I knitted for a relative. So here is the pattern, as well as a picture of the adorable child wearing the finished the product.
—revised May 7, 2012

Yarn Bombing Ball Yarn Bombing Ball

Make these balls in any size with any type of yarn. Hang them in unexpected places. Here is a picture of a group of them hanging over the area of the NOPL-Cicero library where the knitters sit.
—added March 3, 2012

Vegetable Basket Two sizes of vegetable baskets knitted with Aran Kathmandu. These baskets were designed to hold knitted vegetables (from Hansi Singh’s Amigurmi Knits).
—added December 30, 2012

I created this pattern to hold vegetables that the NOPL Knitters of Cicero were creating. Watch for another basket knitted with a different yarn.
—added April 10, 2011


This pattern is a revision of a pattern I posted a long time ago. I know a little bit more about pattern writing these days. I knitted these in Madelinetosh Vintage and they are so very soft. A beginner pattern for reversible mittens is here.
—updated December 1, 2023

Pocket Placemats

This placemat has a pocket in which to place utensils. The pocket is made by sewing a piece of the fabric to the back of the finished piece from just above the slit in the cable portion to the top of the bottom border. Download Pocket Placemats pattern here.
—added December 19, 2011

Christmas Postcardschristmas cards

Christmas Postcards are a novel way to send a Holiday message. The recipient can add a hanger and have a lasting Christmas Tree ornament. USPS will mail these. The pattern includes a chart with numbers to make referencing colors a little easiest. I made these with KnitPicks Palette yarn, but any fingering weight yarn will do. The Noel Christmas Tree postcard was awarded 4th place at the Great New York State Fair in 2010.
—revised January 27, 2013

Yankee Afghan
Yankee Afgan

I felt like a traitor to my husband’s beloved Boston Red Sox as I knitted this for one of his friends. The friend has cancer and wanted this for his brother and sister-in-law. How could I say “No”? This was awarded 2nd place at the Great New York State Fair in 2010.

On May 31, 2020 word charts were added.

—revised May 31, 2020

Boston Red Sox Afghan
Red Sox Afghan

Here is a pattern (includes large chart) for the logo that can be worked into an afghan. Knit just the background (a big rectangle) and then sew the logo on to the afghan. Or knit the logo into an afghan.

A word chart has been added. Working in conjunction with the chart, counting is already completed for you!

P.S. The two proud Red Sox fans are Sean and Monique McCabe!
—word chart added to pattern May 31, 2020

A companion to the Boston Red Sox Afghan. Try this with the B outlined in white on a navy blue background. Here is my pattern. This was awarded 4th place at the Great New York State Fair in 2010.
—added September 2010

Tigger Afghan
Tigger Afghan

I made this for my step-niece's new baby at her request. You can find all the Winnie the Pooh characters at Brigette's Knitting Site.

Noel Postcard
Noel Postcard

This is a postcard. I saw an example of this on The Martha Stewart Show and just had to try it. The three I mailed made it to their destinations quite nicely; two were sent over 1,300 miles. The cost was less than $1 each.

Yankees Pillow
Yankee Pillow

A pillow to accompany the Yankees afghan.
—added October 22, 2010, revised March 9, 2011

Wine Bottle Covers
wine covers

I first designed the large (1.5 liter) wine bottle cover in the Fall of 2006 after knitting a couple of felted wine bottle covers from A. C. Moore.

Milk and Cookies
Milk and Cookies

I decided to knit this to go with the chocolate chip cookies. My husband, John, decided that a bottle of milk is better than a glass of milk. I found the perfect bottle at the local Byrne Dairy store. (I hope they approve!)

The picture on the second page of the pattern is of the milk and cookies that were displayed at NOPL Cicero during its yarn bombing event.
—revised January 14, 2013

Chocolate Chip CookiesChocolate Chip Cookies

Make a plate of chocolate chip cookies using this pattern.
—revised October 30, 2011

Oakland Raiders Afghan
Oakland Raiders

This afghan was designed when another friend asked for a baby sweater with the logo knitted on the front. With all the detail, we settled on an afghan for her grandchild. I used BeadTool 3 to lay out the logo and the name. This earned a 2nd place in the category for Hand Knitting—Afghans in the 2009 Great New York State Fair.
—added November 2008

Political Pals Pillows
Political Pals

Do you live in a “mixed” household? Then make one of each pillow. Are you not registered with either party? Then make one pillow with the donkey on one side and the elephant on the other. Just turn it over to reveal which is your favorite party of the day/week/month!

The pair earned F irst Prize in Hand Knitting Accessories at the 2009 Great New York State Fair.

Buffalo Bills Afghan Buffalo Bills Afghan

This Buffalo Bills afghan was designed when a friend asked for “something Buffalo Bills” for his first child. I found the logo pattern at The Crochet Shoppe and changed it just a little. I added the words and a seed stitch border around stockinette stitch. This was a chore because we are New England Patriots fans!

Mini Sock
Mini Sock

This little sock is only 2-1/2" high and can be used as a key chain or an adornament on a sock knitting bag. Use even smaller needles and make a pair of funky earrings.
—updated April 8, 2012

Teddy Bear Square
teddy panel

I designed this teddy bear pattern, in chart form, with the idea that I might make several of these panels and sew them together to make an afghan. The size of each panel will depend on the yarn and needle size used, as well as how many rows/stitches of border you add.

Mittens and Gloves
Assorted Mittens

I designed these mittens and gloves because I could not find fingerless and topless mittens I liked. This also includes “convertible” mittens. Please be warned! The directions are a bit convoluted. You will be directed to other sections of this 11-page booklet for the fingers and thumbs!
—revised December 19, 2010

Christmas Tree Ornament
Christmas Trees

A pretty little Christmas Tree that you can decorate by sewing beads onto it. The enlarged picture shows an ornament that used rocailles to hold the bigger “E” beads, as well as an ornament with just “E” beads.

Furry Christmas Ornaments
Furry Ornament

These furry little ornaments are so easy to make and there is absolutely no shaping. An inexpensive, quick project, they will make great package ornaments. Make a few for your church bazaar!

Reversible Mittens
reversable mittens

This pattern was adapted from one given to me when I was asked to knit mittens for charity. I made a few minor changes and then wrote the directions for knitting the mittens using double-pointed needles. You will find this pattern or something very similar in many mitten books, some dating back 50 years.

The gauge is not crucial. I use the same size needless regardless of the knitting worsted with which I am knitting. If I use a bulkier yarn, I simply make a smaller size. This pattern is excellent for the beginner who does not yet want to tackle using double-pointed needles or for the person who does not want to worry about left- and right-handed mittens. Both mittens are exactly the same.

If you have enough yarn left for only one mitten, knit it! Adults and children alike lose mittens. Also, please consider knitting a pair or two for charity.
—revised June 7, 2018

Knitted Pumpkin

The pattern for this pumpkin is open-ended. Make it any size you want; just change the number of stitches you cast on, the size of the needles and the weight of the yarn.

There is no increasing or decreasing. The shaping is in the finishing!

Use red yarn for an apple!

Beaded Knitted Necklace
beaded necklace

This bead knitted necklace is a simple variation of the necklace shown at right. First, string the beads on the yarn and knit them in so that they show in the front. You cannot simply slide the beads; if you do, they will all lay inside the cord and not show.

When choosing beads, be sure that they will not fray the ribbon yarn as they are slid along.
—revised November 25, 2006

Santa’s Jacket
Santa's Jacket

Santa’sJacket is a cozy for a long-neck bottle, such as a soda or beer bottle. Or you can put it over any other bottle with a longish neck. In this case I have it over a cruet bottle.

Baby Blocks

A set of 6 soft baby blocks.

necklaceKnitted Necklace

This necklace is simple to knit. Start with one stitch, increase to 5 stitches and knit I-cord (instructions included) for the desired length. Add a fastener and a large bead and you have a lovely necklace.

I was asked to knit a necklace for a yarn festival at a local craft store in January 2006 and the resulting pattern has been very popular with its customers.

Knit a shorter version and leave the yarn ends for a choker. (Thank you, Sue, for the idea.)

Chunky Men's SocksChunky Men’s Socks

Quick to make, this pair of men’s socks is knitted with chunky yarn. This pattern resulted in my failed attempts to find a men’s sock pattern that uses chunky yarn. So, I made the pattern using my husband’s foot as my template.

—revised November 2, 2012

Cable Purse
Cable Purse

A purse with cables. An I-cord strap would look nice on this. Line it to prevent items from sticking out through the stitches.

Knitted Watch Band

I like wearing bracelets but always need a watch. Since I don't like wearing anything on my right wrist (I am right-handed), I was resigned to usually having a watch. Then I found how inexpensive watch faces can be purchased for and started to bead bracelets. Then I decided to try to knit a watch band. Here is a pattern for two watch bands. One has a magnetic clasp and the other is woven.


I always enjoyed making items for my mother. This is the last item I will ever make for her. I started it the day after she passed away and finished it the next day. It now lies with her. I do not mourn her passing; I mourn for myself and my family. We miss her terribly.
—added July 2009

Christmas Tree Garland
Christmas Tree with Garland

This Christmas Tree Garland is incredibly easy to make and looks great on a small tree.


Cuddlemocs are easy-to-knit slippers. The yarn, Cuddlespun, is no longer available but any bulky yarn should work. Change the size needles to change the slipper size. The directions have been modified slightly so that you have the option to knit a less bulky toe.

My apologies to Bernat if this pattern is not in the public domain. It is a classic and, if not in the public domain, the company should republish it.