I have been knitting since I was eight years old. Though I do several other types of crafts, knitting is my first love. When I discovered beads I found a new outlet for my needles. All of these items were created using the beaded knitting method of adding beads in which the bead is slid up to the needle and knitting continues. The bead lies between the stitches.
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Peyote Stitch
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Americana in Red

Americana in Red

Black Rose beaded bag

Black Rose (This includes a watch and matching earrings.) Only the necklace was entered into the Great New York State Fair.



Another Jabot I knitted for Terre.


Another Jabot using Lori Bell’s pattern.

Wire Amulet Bag

I knitted this using 36-gauge wire. This was an experiment with using wire for knitting. It is not one of my favorite methods.

Little Wonder

I named this original pattern Little Wonder and hope you will enjoy it with no conditions attached!

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is 3¼" x 3½" at the base. Another one I made for no particular reason.

Christmas Amulet Bag

I made a lot of these and gave them to family and friends.

Black and White

I cannot remember if this is a pattern I came up with or something I found on the Internet. it is about 1-1/2" x 1-7/8".

Arizona Sunset

My first bead knitted pattern, I made Arizona Sunset for my friend, Gail, who lives in Arizona. The beads used as embellishment came from an old necklace I purchased at a flea market in Old Forge.

Arizona Sunset II

I liked Arizona Sunset so well, I tried to duplicate it. The seed beads a bit different and I used fire-polished beads purchased from Fire Mountain Gems for the embellishment.

Jabot in blue

Another Jabot beaded purse: All in Blue.

Miss Liberty

Little Lady Liberty was entered in the 2004 Great New York State Fair and won 4th prize.

Blue Thistle

In 2003 this bead knitted purse won first place! It is called Blue Thistle is the pattern is from The Complete Guide to Beading Techniques by Jane Davis and can also be found in Big Book of Beautiful Beads by KP Books.

Purse Pendant

I made this on a whim three weeks before the entry deadline of the 2004 Great New York State Fair. A winner! Thanks to S. Debra Santaniello for the free pattern.

Pendant Purse

In 2002 this bead knitted purse won first place!

Red and Black

This small red and black bead knitted purse was my first entry in the Great New York State Fair. It won third prize!

Terre's Surprise
Terre's Surprise was entered in the 2006 Great New York State Fair. It was awarded fourth place and was intended as a gift for my sister, Terre!

Pink and Blue Jabot

One of my favorite patterns for this little purses, it was offered for free at With My Needle. The site is not longer available at GeoCities. Here is the pattern for personal use only. I have properly credit Lori Bell, the designer and hope she does not mind that I am sharing the pattern.

Pink and Blue Jabot

Here is the same “jabot” pattern. I reversed the cotton and bead colors.
Blue and Yellow Window Pane

You can find this little “window pane” amulet bag pattern in Knitting for the first time, by Vanessa-Ann, ISBN 0-8069-6415-4.

Cream Window Panes

This is the first “window pane” bag I made. This is a good example of why it is best to use contrasting beads.

Window Pane in Green

Yet another “window pane” amulet bag example.

Americana in Blue

Americana in Blue



black beaded bag