Deborah’s Beading Tips

Here are just a few tips for bead knitting and beading in general.
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Casting on with small needles

When knitting with fine needles (000, 0000, etc.), working that first row can be difficult. Put two needles together and cast on. Then pull out one of the needles and you will find it much easier to knit that first row.
—added October 30, 2011

Removing a bead from thread or yarn

Often when we use strung beads, we come across one that is malformed. You can use nail clippers or smash the bead to break it. With either method, occasionally the thread to cut into. Put a needle through the bead before smashing it. The needle helps protect the thread.
—added October 30, 2011

Starting peyote

Peyote can be difficult to begin because we have to work two rows at the same time. Create a starter strip and you will never have to struggle with beginning a peyote piece again. Click here for a .pdf with great directions to create your own starter strip.
—added November 30, 2012


Swarovski vs. Thunder Polish Crystals

crystalsThunder Polish crystals are about half of the price of the better-quality Swarovskis but have the same “bling.” The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is the flatter tips on the Thunder Polish crystals. The store representative at Beads ’n Stitches told me that her customers asked for the Thunder Polish because of the price and that jewelry customers rarely ask which crystals were used to make jewelry. Be sure, though, that when you purchase Swarovskis, that is what you are getting.
—added October 31, 2011