Knitting A Seamless E

Kimberly Chapman has created a pattern for the knitted alphabet. View it here. This knitted alphabet includes all of the letters of the alphabet, as well as pi. The directions are excellent. I wanted to try to make the letters as seamless as possible. I was sucdessful with the letter “E.”

Because this is a copyrighted pattern, I do not give the complete instructions for the letter. You will have to purchase the pattern for them. But here is my take on Kimberly’s “E.”

Make one Basic Vertical Tube
Knit rounds A and B.
Rnd 1: Bind off 4 sts, k 14, turn.
Rows 2 – 6: Work sts st for 5 rows.
Rnd 7: Cast on 4 sts, k to end of rnd. Do not turn.
Rnds 8 – 29: K.
Rnds 30 – 36: Rep rnds/rows 1 – 7.
Rnds 37 – 58: K.
Rnds 59 – 65: Rep rnds/rows 1 – 7.
Complete decrease rounds.

Horizontal Tubes
At the top opening of the vertical tube, pick up and knit 5 sts along one side, 4 sts across bound-off edge, 5 sts along opposite side, and 4 sts along cast-on edge. Complete the tube, following the instructions.
Repeat for the middle and lower tubes.

So that the horizontal tubes do not hang at an angle, use clear illusion cord. Fasten it to the right backside of the top tube; bring it through a couple of stitches of the back of the middle tube and then go back through that stitch, and finish by fastening it to the right back of the bottom tube.

The arrows point to the illusion cord.

Seamless E