Tubular cast on

Tubular Cast-on for K1, P1 in the round

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Tubular Cast-on for K2, P2 ribbing is not stretchy. As a matter of fact, it is less stretchy that if you simply use your favorite cast-on and knit in 2x2 ribbing.
—added October 10, 2013

This cast-on is for K1, P1 ribbing and will make a nice, stretchy edge to your fabric.

  1. With waste yarn, cast on half of the desired stitches. The method you use to cast on does not matter.
  2. Purl 3 rounds.
  3. Change to the working yarn and purl 4 rounds.

    Tubular Cast-on 1

  4. Weave the working yarn end into the first purl bump of the waste yarn on the last needle to create another working yarn purl bump. This will be the “bump” from which you cast on.
    Tubular Cast-on 2 Tubular Cast-on 3

  5. *P1, pick up and knit the “bump” of the working yarn 4 rounds below the needle, repeat from * to end of round.

    Tubular Cast-on 4

    A is the purl stitch; B is the knitted “bump”; C is also a knitted “bump”

  6. Work in ribbing as established for several rounds before carefully cutting away the waste yarn.
  7. Tubular Cast-on 5

    Round is completed

  8. The finished edge Tubular Cast-on 6